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Located in Tampa Bay, the University of South Florida is one of the top universities in the United States, with undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses covering numerous areas, from business and engineering courses to those of Art and Medicine.

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H-FARM is a digital innovation platform and part of the Global Accelerator Network. It is responsible for accompanying startups and companies in the digital transformation of building a culture of innovation through his training paths, from school to professional masters.

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The campus is located in the heart of the Sile River natural park in an area known as Ca’ Tron, one of the largest single agricultural estates in Italy, which borders the Venetian lagoon. It is in a strategic position in Italy’s northeast region and is just 12km for Venice’s Marco Polo airport, 20km from Treviso and 50km from Padova.

With the expansion, H-CAMPUS will grow from its current 18,000 square feet of buildings and 15 hectares of parkland to an area of over 51 hectares, of which only 10% will be made up of built structures. This growth will be in perfect synergy with H-FARM’s historic headquarters and in total harmony with the surrounding countryside.

H-FARM CAMPUS today consists of a series of spaces and services dedicated to education and other training activities.

It is a place where students, managers, startuppers and entrepreneurs exchange ideas and inspiration, cultural activities and learning experiences.
H-CAMPUS is the headquarters of H-FARM, the innovation platform that guides companies in the digital transformation process.

This also includes educational programs that involve a dedicated team of professionals who provide the students with both administrative help and educational activities, tutoring and the development of dedicated cultural and educational initiatives. 


Digital technology that improves services

H-CAMPUS is one of the very first 5G hubs in Italy and is an ideal place to experiment with the latest in digital technology for smart cities and virtual reality. Thanks to the 5G network, real-time interactions are made possible through interconnected systems: for example, students can take part in lessons using virtual reality without any delay, allowing for an interactive and completely fluid experience.

On-site security is provided by an advanced system of controlled access points, which, alongside AXIS video surveillance, allows the campus to have the highest security standards for its students, employees, and guests. It will be possible to access any service provided on campus, such as opening dormitory doors, paying for lunch and reserving a tennis court, simply by using a smartphone. IOT devices, Apple TV screens in all classrooms, 3D printers, VR labs: these are just some of the technological elements present on campus, making it one of the most innovative and technological places in Europe.

Servizi del CAMPUS

A place designed for training.


Accommodation for 244 students to live the complete H-FARM experience

The dormitory, measuring more than 4,000 square meters, has a residential area that overlooks the main square, as well as an area dedicated to shared services.

It has been designed to provide accommodation for 244 students, divided into single or double rooms or specially designed for students with disabilities. The area for shared services, which resembles a greenhouse, is accessible from the garden and from the main square.


Indoor and outdoor physical activities for everyone

Designed to host a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor sports activities for H-International School students, Farmers and the surrounding community, the campus’ sports facilities extend over an area of 1,600 square meters, as well as an additional 5,000 square meters for three multi-use sports fields, a skatepark and a race track.

An indoor facility hosts a gym and a basketball/volleyball court, while the external area is home to basketball, volleyball and handball courts and two tennis courts.
The skatepark measures 600 square meters and track and field athletes can enjoy an outdoor running track, a long and high jump area, and a platform for shot put.


New road network, electric transportation and smart parking

The campus will be easily accessible thanks to numerous improvements to the current road and mobility system and will minimize the impact of the expansion in terms of traffic, vehicle circulation and pollution. In total, over 8 million euros has been allocated to access roads for the campus, including the construction of a new roundabout on Route 14 and a new access road to the Ca ‘Tron estate, which will facilitate the flow of a high number of people and will reduce the impact on nearby roadways.

In addition to new roadwork, subsequent interventions include the further development of the current public transportation system with new bus lines, carpooling and car-sharing programs and the use of electric vehicles. In respect for the environment, the campus will be equipped with over 500 bikes, e-bikes, caddy cars, and electric scooters.